Daria Schubert photo•graphics | About
I’m a portrait photographer.
I use natural light and elicit spontaneous expressions to create genuine portraits.

My Photographic Coming of Age
I’ve always loved photography. I got my first camera in sixth grade. I took photos of all my friends and made amy own yearbook. I hated those stilted portraits in the school yearbook with cheesy, forced smiles that hardly looked like the people I knew. In high school, I took photos for the yearbook my way. They were candid and often the subject was unaware of being photographed. I loved seeing those genuine photos of mine in print. I used the darkroom at school as well as my dad’s to print my photos of friends. I always enjoyed giving those thick little 4 x 5 inch black and white prints to my friends.

After I got married, I printed many of the wedding photos with my dad in his darkroom. I was amazed by the way I could make a photo better by cropping, boosting contrast, dodging and burning to bring out the best.

I worked as a a graphic designer for twenty years but I always had a camera and took photos especially on excursions and vacations. I have over fifty albums of my daughter's childhood parties, friends and vacations. Hot air ballooning gave us plenty of fantastic photo ops from the colorful balloons themselves to the fantastic vistas from aloft. I took a great photo of my husband at Lake Oswego with the sun setting behind him. I often look through these old photos and they make me smile every time.

In 2010, I had my own design business but didn't like that I was spending most of my time sitting in front of a computer, alone. Photographing gets me out in the world, interacting with people, taking adventures and capturing these moments forever. It is with my camera in hand that time has no meaning and I find utter happiness.

In 2013, I won a photo contest with my picture of a frosty rose hip in a wintery garden. The next month, I had my first show — a dozen portraits of flowers. I started to gain more confidence in my abilities. I had taken a digital photography class at the local community college in 2009 to add to my technical and seeing skills that I’d been building on since studying photography under Mark Kaufman in college. I've also soaked up so much know-how from online classes with creativeLIVE.

Although I’d been taking photos all my life, I was finally ready to charge for my services and shot a family portrait. In 2013, I shot several senior portraits, family portraits, kid’s parties, a wedding and head shots for three hockey teams. I’m on a roll! I’m ready to capture your portraits and adventures.

What photos would you like to see on your walls and desks? Let’s meet for a treat and discuss making this a reality for you!